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December 12, 2012

Earn Cash Rebates on Your Online Christmas Shopping

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With Christmas just around the corner, the promise of rebates for shopping online at our favorite retailers is irresistible. Great Canadian Rebates is a website offering us just that. Although the site is Canadian, it has an extensive US membership and offers.

Here s how the website works:

First, you need to register. There is no fee required to register and there are no membership fees. After registration, you can earn cash back rebates by shopping at hundreds of your favourite merchants on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Just for becoming a member, GCR will deposit a toonie into your account.

For every purchase made through the website, Great Canadian Rebates gets a commission from the merchant and, according to them, they pass most of the commission back to you in the form of a cash back rebate, which is paid by cheque or can be directly deposited into your PayPal account on a bi-monthly basis. Most rebates are posted to your Great Canadian Rebates account within 72 hours but it may take up to 30 days from the time of the purchase for the rebate to appear.

There is a minimum 45 day wait period before you ll actually be paid a rebate. This is so Great Canadian Rebates can collect their money from the retailer and ensure that merchandise hasn t been returned. If you decide to return a purchase, the rebate earned will be debited from your account. The cash back rebate will remain if the return is only to exchange a size or get an item in a different colour.

Great Canadian Rebates updates their coupons, sales and deals daily. Some of the over 300 retailers you ll find on the website include Walmart, Dell, The Bay, Sears, Expedia, Home Depot, Apple Store Canada, Chapters. Indigo,, Sony Style Canada, Groupon, MBNA, American Express and lots more.

Almost every purchase made through Great Canadian Rebates qualifies for a Cash Back Rebate. The exceptions are shipping and handling fees, taxes and any part of your purchase paid for with coupons, gift cards or store credits. You will earn an average of five percent cash back through the website and even more by using their coupons and sales links.

You can also earn referral bonuses of 10 percent on each of your friends who join and earn cash back rebates.


They are also offering $60 cash back when you apply for an MBNA MasterCard and a $25 referral bonus per credit card when any of your referrals are approved by MBNA for any credit card listed on the site and reported to Great Canadian Rebates during November and December.

There are a few simple rules you need to follow in order to qualify for a rebate.

  • All orders must be placed through the GCR website, not over the phone.
  • You can t use coupon codes found on other sites.
  • Cookies must be turned on.
  • Any Ad Blocker program you have must be turned off.
  • Click on the appropriate link from to the merchant before adding to a cart, before a purchase, a reservation or an application.
  • Use coupon codes from the GCR site only.
  • Purchases must be made by using the online cart, reservation system or application system.
  • To make sure of your rebate, be sure to close all other windows you may have opened and click only the link on the GCR website.

All rebates are paid in Canadian funds. Any purchase made in US funds or reported by the merchant in US funds, will be converted into Canadian Dollars based on that day s exchange rate.

If you do a lot of online shopping, especially at this time of year, you ve got nothing to lose and cash back to gain when you sign up at Great Canadian Rebates.

Even More Cash Back Tip

If you use your cash back credit card, such as the MBNA SmartCash card, you can earn cash back on your credit card and Great Canadian Rebates.

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December 5, 2012

Best Banks with the Highest Interest Rate for Savings Account

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Are you earning the most from your savings and money market deposit accounts? These accounts are the main pillars of a strong financial foundation, providing you with financial stability and helping you achieve your financial goals. Many banks and credit unions offer these accounts, and this article aims to help you find the highest interest rate for this type of deposit accounts. Of course, a high interest rate is not the only factor to consider when selecting a savings or a money market account, and here is an article to help you choose the best deposit account for your specific needs.Table of Content

  • 3 Ways to Find the Best Rates
  • High Interest Online Savings Banks
  • Alternatives to Savings Accounts
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Reader Comments

How to Find the Best Money Market and Savings Interest Rates

Finding the best savings account rate is a simple matter of looking in the right places for the answer you re looking for. However, looking at individual bank site or visiting physical branches could be time consuming. The good news is that there are some sites that aggregate interest rate data to help you find the best rate.

  1. is a major player in this space. For your convenience, we ve partnered with to provide you with their live data feed. Click here to see the top 50 savings and money market accounts.
  2. Recommended Banks You can check out various recommendations, such as the ones below. These are typically online banks that can provide higher interest rates than their brick and mortar counterparts.
  3. Alternative Options Last but not least, there are alternatives to traditional savings and money market accounts that could provide competitive interest rates. Just remember that they are not your typical savings account and you have to understand how they work before you decide to put your money there.

However, remember that the best interest rate is not the only factor; you should consider the fees and make sure that you maximize your earnings and convenience with your savings.

High Interest Online Savings Banks

The following information was last reviewed and updated on November 19, 2012. Rates and conditions change constantly, so please review the information at the bank s website carefully before you open an account. All banks are FDIC insured.BankRateReview
1.05%The CIT Savings Account offers 1.05% APY interest rate when you maintain a daily balance of $25,000 or more (0.90% otherwise). No account-opening or monthly maintenance fees. Your interest is compounded daily to maximize your earning potential.
0.95%Ally Bank High Yield Savings Account offers competitive rate of 0.95% APY and easy access with no minimum balance and no monthly fees. The bank was rated Best Savings Account by Money Magazine in May 2010.
0.80%Discover Bank Online Savings is a product from the same reputable organization that offers the Discover Card credit card. In addition to competitive online savings rate of 0.80%, Discover Bank also offers money market account (0.70% APY), CDs, and IRA CDs.
0.75%ING Orange Savings Account offer a high 0.75% APY and it is very popular among savers. You can access your account around the clock via, and open your account online in under 5 minutes. The best feature is the ability to open sub-accounts to help you save for specific goals.

Alternative Options to Savings and Money Market Accounts

In addition to high yield savings and money market accounts, here are some alternatives that may work for you.OptionDescription Lending Club is a SEC-registered social lending site where you can invest in 3-year and 5-year loans with as little as $25 per loan. The interest rate you earn depends on the quality of the loan (based on borrower s credit rating, loan amount, loan length, etc.) Currently, Lending Club claims 93% of lenders earn between 6 to 18% APY. To learn more about peer lending, please read Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Lending. You can also check out a similar service from Prosper.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there are special risks associated with social lending. SmartyPig is an FDIC-insured online savings bank where you set up savings goals, and set up automatic deposits to reach your goals. You can also invite family and friends to contribute to your goals. While your savings accumulates, it earns a competitive interest rate of 1.00% APY. Lastly, you can get an 11% boost by trading your money for a gift card from one of the participating retailers. High Yield
Checking Accounts Generally, there are more restrictions around high yield checking to be eligible for the best rate. However, it may be worthwhile if you can meet the requirements. Currently, ING Electric Orange offers a high yield checking account that pays up to 0.90%. Please visit Best High Yield Online Checking Account Rates for more checking options. Certificates of Deposit Another option to high interest savings is certificate of deposits. There are CDs with term as short as 3 months and as long as 10 years. Generally, longer term CDs pay more than savings, but require long-term commitment. Please visit Best CD Rates for more CDs options.

Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersWhat is the best way to choose a savings account?

When selecting a savings account, determine the features that are most important to you. For example, you may order the features as follow: high interest rates, good customer service, low fees structure, and good reputation.Are online savings accounts better than a traditional one?

An online savings account is becoming more popular each day. Typically, you have to do most of your transactions online or using the ATM. In exchange, you get to enjoy a higher interest rate than normal and pay lower fees.How does FDIC insurance protect savings accounts?

When selecting a bank, make sure that it is FDIC insured. The Federal government offer this insurance to participating banks and it protects your money (up to $250,000 per depositor at each banking institution) against loss in the event that the bank goes out of business.What does FDIC deposit insurance cover?

FDIC insurance covers all deposit accounts, including savings account, money market account, certificate of deposit (CD), and checking account.

Please review information associated with each offer before you sign up. Rates and conditions change constantly and I have reported what I believe to be the most accurate information at the time the article was updated.

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September 12, 2012

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